Shared Shuttle Liberia to Nosara - Nosara to Liberia


Shared Shuttle Liberia to Nosara - Nosara to Liberia


Price per person. The shared shuttle departs from Nosara to Liberia at 08:30am.

Liberia to Nosara at 02:45pm.

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  • The Shuttle Shared Taxi from Liberia to Nosara, or Nosara to Liberia is one of the trips more liked by people traveling alone and the flight coincides with the time and destination of other people who are traveling in very similar times.
  • All trips include a complimentary drink, excellent treatment from our driver who has knowledge as a local guide.
  • Break of 10 minutes to go to the bathroom or buy food. Keep in mind that other people are traveling all day and we must respect their right to be on time at their destination.
  • There is a maximum in pieces of baggage that can lead to a share if you bring a lot of baggage Travel is best to hire our Private Taxi Service.
  • If your flight is delayed please contact us via e-mail as soon as you know and we will be gladly arrange for a Private Taxi Service.
  • 24 hr. Reservation Policy to ensure that a vehicle will be available to pick you up on time, we need that you submit your request a minimum of 24 hrs. Prior your arrival or departure.
  • Early arrivals are taken to restaurant to make their wait more comfortable.
  • Ahead of their flight Travelers are required to be at their airline counters a minimum of 2 hrs. So you should leave 5 hrs ahead of your scheduled departure.